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Poster Handle Anonymous astropysicist
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If you really observed this kind of solar data for 12 years then you'd know that these little burps are nothing compared to the severity of the outbursts from the sun in 2003-2005. When something actually happens on par to those activity levels or higher then I will take notice.
 Quoting: Plasmare

That' the whole point of this thread, you WON'T know because the data will be minimized or falsified. Too many people are becoming aware that something is amiss.

But until then, activity is still low. There's no need to be alarmed whenever a small eruption happens. And why do people ignore the fact that the sun was unusually quiet for such an extended period of time?
 Quoting: Plasmare

The delayed solar maximum correlated with the delayed end to the last solar max, meaning the timing of the 11 ear cyclone has been skewed. There have been far more radical effects in the last few months than ever occurred in the last solar maximum, including the loss of satellites due to an expansion of the upper atmosphere and more inference in radio frequency transmissions.Many more commercial flights have had to be rerouted. Holes in the magnetosphere have been identified and confirmed, and there have been massive changes in biospheres and effects on wildlife.

They're NOT going to tell you! By presenting the real data t that would be a revelation of what is actually happening.

It's a fact that surprised every solar scientist and still remains unexplained. That is more important to address than the almost normal activity on the sun during it's passage into this next maximum. Which by the way has been delayed by a year or so already. Obviously something is causing the sun to act strange but the activity you're talking about is normal. You're ignoring the actual strange and unexpected behaviour of the sun.
 Quoting: Plasmare

Actually, i predicted the solar maximum would be delayed and more intense than the last, and would result in widespread failure of the magnetic shield of the Earth causing widespread damage to crops and electronic infrastructure, as well as animal life. I have been right on every point.

I provided you with links that has tons of data and observations of the sun. There is no fucking way every source is falsified because the sources are worldwide and some use observatories on Earth to conduct their observations. If you mistrust your government so much then use a university facility or something instead that have a solar research facility. There is more than enough data out there.
 Quoting: Plasmare

Universities get a large percentage of their research funding and most of their data from the government.
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