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H30 IS in fact an ion of the water molecule. It has an extra proton giving it a positive charge, and it meets the definition of an ion.

However, a proton is a sub atomic particle and the H+ designation represents what is supposed to be both an proton and a positive ion of hydrogen. This is incorrect. An ion is defined as a charged atom or molecule and a proton as a sub atomic particle. Sub atomic means it is not a complete atom. The concentration of H3O ions in water determines the PH of the water, but an un bonded proton IS NOT AN ION.

This dumbing down is intentional.

As most of you who have a certain level of intelligence and who received a traditional academic 'education' as a science major probably noticed, there are endless discrepancies and inconsistencies taught in the various disciplines.

As a prime example, in chemistry when one writes a balanced equation of an oxidation reduction reaction, the electromagnetic energy given off in the form of heat and light MUST be represented by an electron symbol, there are NO PHOTONS IN CHEMISTRY.

But when you cross the hall to physics lecture, the energy released in such a reaction MUST be described as photons. The photon was postulated out of thin air with no evidence to explain (without actually doing so) the wave/particle duality paradox of light.

BUT, it is an inescapable fact that the 'photon' defies the basic laws of physics by possessing energy and momentum without mass. This is simply not possible Mass and relative motion are BOTH components of Kinetic energy and momentum, this is basic PROVED physics.

The theory I wrote, "The Electromechanical Theory of Electromagnetic Radiation" , explains not only the wave/particle duality paradox of light succinctly, it also provides simple mathematical equations that explain why the higher frequencies of electromagnetic energy (known generically as light in physics regardless of frequency) can transmit more energy at equal amplitudes.

No one has ever attempted to disqualify this theory, though it is falsifiable hundreds of different ways experimentally.

A goal I set for myself before my death was to dethrone the fraudulent "God Of Science", Albert Einstein.
Unfortunately, I have met with an organized conspiracy to systematically suppress any theory which would provide a real, uncomplicated disqualification of quantum physics and its origin, special and general relativity, both of which are complex nonsense fictions that are self disqualifying by the many unexplained paradoxes they produce and the fact that no consensus whatsoever exists among even two people in the world on what these theories actually mean.

I believe this to be the result of the placement of Jewish gatekeepers in both academic and publishing positions who systematically suppress, oppress, and in some cases kill individuals who attempt to expose this huge fraud. The purpose isn't really all of that hard to understand, as long as this un-penetrable stumbling block exists, the human race will remain enslaved.

For those of you who doubt what I have just told you, I suggest you read about Nicola Tesla. This man is the father of ALL MODERN ELECTRONICS, and goes completely unrecognized because he was a 'Gentile" Serbian. You will frequently hear jews claim modern computers and such were made possible by quantum physics, but they can't explain how and the truth is every single component in it that makes it work was developed by Nicola Tesla.

Despite the magnificent advancements he made in the world of electronics and empiricism based science in general, he died penniless and government goons seized his work and whisked it away.

Some day my theories will be recognized as fact, and Nicola Tesla recognized as the true father of modern scientific achievement, but it's going to take a revolution to remove Jewish gatekeepers permanently and this is what will free the human race from its current bondage empowered by deception and oppression of truth.

 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist 1112620

bump for AA.
I intend to download this whole thread soon, as I think you may be correct AA.

When I sit in my rocking chair at 80 years (if I make it to that age), I am 46 now,, I can say I was alive during this period and have spoken to you albeit virtually.
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