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No. Very specifically I wrote: Carefully and completely spell out five different experiments that would specifically falsify and disqualify your theory. Can you propose any
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

The methodology you utilize is not my concern, nor is how you conduct your experiment, but proving any of the 5 things I outlined will disqualify my theory beyond reasonable doubt.

You obviously know nothing of the scientific process.
 Quoting: AnonPhysicist 1406242

At least as much as you do, apparently.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

If you believe qua tum physics is falsifiable and my theory is not, you don't shit from shinola about science or the sceintific method and how it has been hijacked. There is no way to disprove quantum physics because the people who control the academic process and have billions at stake have gatekeepers preventing it, killing when it becomes necessary. It is actually very simple to disqualify quantum physics, special relativity and general relativity, and has been repeatedly by empirical observations made daily.

As the "Mexican" shill pointed out, it is very difficult to prove a negative, thus quantum theory is still be tacked onto with gaudy science fiction
 Quoting: AnonPhysicist 1406242

It is difficult to prove a negative. However, it is possible to create experiments that WILL FAIL if conditions are not met,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

I gave you five, whether you realize or acknowledge it is of no consequence to me.

and thus allow the idea in question to be falsified/modified. For example, if you stick to the Newtonian F=G(M1*M2)/R^2 (as you seem to want to do), and use it to account for the bending of light in a gravitational field, you only yield about half the result of what is actually observed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

you pulled that figure out of your ass, it varies with frequency and though I have not fully worked out the details of why higher frequencies are bet less, it seems intuitively exactly what you would expect. You are NOT dealing with a linear motion with light, it is a particle traveling in sine waveform.

See? Falsifiability. Can you propose specific experiments that allow YOUR idea to be falsified?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

Whether you acknowledge it or not , there are thousands of ways to prove light does not consist of electrons vibrating passively to an oscillating magnetic field. The fact that you cannot falsify a theory does not mean it is not falsifiable if it is not valid. There seems to be lot of confusion among the academically educated (brainwashed)/ Tell me how to falsify quantum physics in way you will accept. If matter exceeding light speed doesn't do it, what will?If proving kinetic energy cannot exist in the absence of mass doesn't do it, what will?
DON'T YOU GET IT, I am not a simple mind and I do not commit to memory as fact that which defies reason and contradicts what I already know to be fact or that which I cannot prove to myself as fact. In the word of tradiational academia, you either do this or you fucking FAIL YOUR COURSES.
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