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Poster Handle AnonPhysicist
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I have made this challenge in nearly every science forum I have posted to, and banned permanent and immediately afterword.I wonder why?. Well, not really. Unfortunately the internet has suffered the same fate as the media and publishing industries.
I challenge anyone posting here to explain any of the following in a universally accepted manner that is explainable by conventional empirical based and known science like my thoery does:

1) What causes time dilation.(in my theory there is no such thing, time is simply not a linear function.)
2) Explain Gravity being the result of a distortion in the "space time continuum" (My theory explains gravity as a weak electromagnetic force)
3) Define "space time continuum" (IN my model there are three dimensions, time being a non linear repeating function.)
4)Explain how and why photons transmit kinetic energy
5)Explain the transmission of kinetic energy in the absence of mass when mass is a component of kinetic energy as it is defined by proved science.
6)Explain succinctly with empirical based science (real science, real scientific method) how photons induce a flow of electrons and produce electricity without quickly draining the photovoltaic material very quickly of electrons.How does the 'photon' convert itself into an electron, and if it doesn't, where do the excess electrons come from?
7)Explain how and why photons always seem to convert to a form of energy that is also produced by electrons upon impact with atoms..
8)Explain the energy level and composition of cosmic "rays", giving a full description of their nature.

Put your thinking yarmulkes on now.

The funny thing about this is, none of these questions can really be answered with "conventional quantum theory", the answer always involves more theory, but every one can be answered succinctly and easily by MY theory with an actual empirical answer that is easily understood. Why do you suppose that is? ...Who do you suppose would want to prevent a source of almost limitless and costless energy from being put into common usage and why?

The cleansing is nessecary because these parasitic things will never relinquish their control without intervention from the creator, deception is the very act of creating an artificial reality contrary to the creators intention.
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