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Very well.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

Not a single source you referenced wasn't traditional academia , a source independent of government or corporate funding in it's research and many of your sources are outright .govs .
 Quoting: AnonPhysicist 1406242

So what sources will you consider acceptable? I gave your sources from five different *countries,* outlining experiments that you can duplicate. If .edu, .gov, .other country, wikis, papers with library of congress numbers, papers without library of congress numbers, online encyclopedias, and articles are *all* out, what's IN? What sources do you find acceptable?

As far as I'm concerned after reading over what you wrote, you didn't and couldn't answer a single one of my questions empirically,you don't even know what empirical means apparently. You didn't answer because you can't.
 Quoting: AnonPhysicist 1406242

Amusing. You didn't give a single experiment to verify your claim, nor did you even comment on the one you alluded to with plants using photosynthesis using only EMR as positive confirmation of your ideas.

The claims are yours, not mine. You need to provide *positive* evidence for them, specifically And you haven't come up with a single experiment that can falsify your idea: therefore it is not science, just a belief of yours. QED.

Volume doesn't trump quality and never will, you wrote a pile of garbage that simply wasted bandwidth and trashed up my thread. The truly intelligent can actually explain their ideas in ways that are easily understood and prove self evidently they know what they are talking about without need of referencing 'sources' that are paid to relate specific 'beliefs' Your bullshit is not science, it is a faith based atheistic religion.
 Quoting: AnonPhysicist 1406242

Sorry, that isn't the way it works. You cite sources, you footnote, you quote and point at where you got the info so that someone else can double check you by doing the same thing.

You have not created an experiment that proves any aspect of your cosmology *at all.* Not one. You merely handwave, and scream that you are right, and damned to anyone who disagrees with you in the slightest. Who's fault is that?
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