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Agent 74444 works out of the NSA Pine Gap outpost in Australia and is simply the man who fronts for them here. They learned through experience I suppose that the multi pronged 'pinata' type attack was obvious and ineffective, and they have at their disposal computers which can generate rebuttals without aid of human interface.

As most of you know , whatever level of technology we know about is at least 15 to 20 years behind what actually exists, and I seriously doubt if agent 74444's replies are ever generated by a single man, it is several men and computers working in unison. I have pointed this out before to be fair but it fell on deaf ears for the most part.
 Quoting: AnonPhysicist 1709374

I am tickled beyond measure that you think I am so formidable enough to be considered an entire team of computer-aided super agents -- since in reality I consider myself a fairly average guy. It is equally funny that this fairly average guy causes your super-IQness no end of consternation.

To me the most important consideration and most interesting fact if all was that he did NOT answer a single question posed to him despite his many references in the manner I suggested using empirical proofs.
 Quoting: AnonPhysicist 1709374

I linked to entire experiments isolating the photon, and proving its existence -- experiments you can duplicate with the right equipment. I asked you questions specifically about validating what you claimed. I linked to all sorts of sources having exactly the information you claimed wasn't on the internet.

Theory is not proof, no matter how many people appear to agree,
 Quoting: AnonPhysicist 1709374

Exactly. And you provide no *proof* of your electromagnetic theory of everything. You give *no way* to falsify it. You propose *no experiment* to validate it.

It isn't science. It's the IDW-religion. As is your belief in my being anything but an individual posting counter to you on the Internet.

Your idea (it isn't robust enough to be considered a theory) will remain such until you do the work of experimental prediction, verification and falsification.

The closest thing we have to an experiment validating your ideas is to see how your prediction goes this December, in which the internet will be broken, millions of people killed, including me, by the 21st. If your prediction, which you gave better than a 98.5% of occurring fails to occur, it casts doubt on all the rest of your ideas.
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