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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12817237


To put in laymens terms the chart referenced had to be changed because higher readings than ever expected are now being experienced.

In the last ten years this has happened with the X ray flux scale as well.(note the addition of new level above x class on this chart: [link to www.n3kl.org] ).

As many of you know,the exact same thing happened with the ultra violet scale which used to peak out at ten. What this indicates is the Sun and the area of space we are entering is changing, which though the shills will continue to deny and attack and distract me as much as possible, all I have o do is point out the undeniable empirical evidence , because it is all I rely on to make my conclusions, NOT THE MAYAN CALENDER AS MANY OF THEM CLAIM!. The fact that the Mayan calender long count ends on the date the Earth crosses the galactic plane was not known to me for certain until 2004, and I made my predictions well before that.. I have added this new chart to my list of resources and thank and give kudos to the individual who noticed and posted it. It generally indicates a rapid degradation in satellite transmission capabilities and is a very important resource.

It is indicative of the fact that we should expect a rapid reduction in geo stationary satellite reception and possibly total failure in the near future.

Since I expect a rapidly degrading situation overall, i will no longer be responding to off topic material or known and identified disinformation operatives, I don't have time to allow them to succeed in what is obviously their mission, to derail me from my mission of informing you the reader.

We have until a few days before Christmas to realize what is about to happen and prepare. The intelligent who have seen my message have already prepared. Those who haven't STILL HAVE TIME, the critical periods of dangerous radiation will be short lived, and where there is a will to live and faith in the creator there is ALWAYS HOPE.
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