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AA- We have practically no flares. What is the effect of this on earth.Do you think we are moving towards a ice-age? Also do you see any effect of a long solar minimum on earth?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25824944

Solar max is certainly delayed, TEC is off already revised charts, the arctic ice is melting whilst Antarctica is gaining ice, droughts are causing / will cause food price hikes and shortages, there are numerous threads about the gulf states, earthquake swarms, cosmic *rays* increasing.....I could go on but there are too many *dots* and too many pictures that could be drawn from them.
 Quoting: Elemental

One of the things you mentioned that caught my attention was the fact that Antarctica seems to be getting cooler .I know the obvious cause is the direction of flow of the radically increased electron density along the magnetic field of the Earth, and most of the field lines enter near the magnetic north pole.

The source of these electrons IN PART is THE SUN, but as the magnetic field becomes more and more unstable and begins to lose it's polarity this hot/cold north /south effect will diminish.

The intelligent design is incredibly complex, The Earth is designed to protect itself from CME's and solar radiation storms, one of the most intriguing facts is as the electron flux goes off scale the magnetic field strength increases proportionally.

It's when these shields go down when we enter an extremely dense 'cloud' of protons that our pants will be down as the electrons simply combine with protons to form hydrogen, which is what is fueling these unusual CME's.

As I have repeatedly said we are entering uncharted territory and there is a certain degree of uncertainty involved. The extreme increase of electrons caught and captured by the earths magnetic field is something that is partially explainable by the increase in electrons being emitted by the Sun, but is likely a large percentage of them are simply particles free in the galactic plane.

ALL PARTICLES MOVING AT HIGH VELOCITIES RELATIVE TO THE EARTH WILL CAUSE UPPER ATMOSPHERIC HEATING and those passing through the atmosphere and reaching the surface will increase the temperature of anything they impact on the surface or on the way to it ( all levels of the atmosphere). This is a CERTAINTY. This also is the reason I predicted no winter in the northern hemisphere and that winter will actually be warmer than fall.

It stands to reason that if there is a high concentration of hydrogen plasma in the galactic plane of this and all galaxies (and we know by spectrograph analysis that there is) , there is obviously free electrons present to combine with protons to form this hydrogen, and we KNOW it is there and we KNOW that stars are formed and fueled by this hydrogen.

What it boils down to basically is eventually as the alignment comes closer and closer to totality, passing through a dense area of plasma that is magnetically polarized will act as a conduit of efficient energy transfer between earth and sun while exiting the Sun into increased activity including massive CME's not connected to solar flaring , and the energy transfer will be one that is instantaneous.

The effects of any solar activity will be greatly magnified and new phenomenon we have never observed before will come into play. I am changing nothing of my predictions. It is happening as I expected with a few curve balls I hadn't anticipated (most likely due to faulty of fabricated data) but basically everything is right on track.

The single most important thing that I implore all of you to REAL EYES is that TPTB are NOT going to provide any data that persons like myself can use and will delete, censor or modify anything than can help me make accurate short range prognostications , partly to impinge upon my credibility and partly to keep anyone with any knowledge of astrophysics from becoming aware something is very amiss..

I STRONGLY feel that low energy proton density readings have been consistently understated since March, because the proton data simply does not correlate with known and well established patterns.
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