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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Same old shit
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

So is Redux your sock, or does he just work in concert with you at Pine Gap? It seems the two of you work together but cannot possible be the same individual, unless of course you are schizophrenic.
 Quoting: Anonymous astrophysicist 1288868

Are you going back to all people who post counter to you are me, or not? Make up your mind!

While you are certainly by no means intelligent by my criteria, you're not a blithering idiot like that buffoon Redux.
 Quoting: Anonymous astrophysicist 1288868

Uh....thank you?

Open the thread, stop the systematic censorship, and see how you do. Or cry to the the admins to ban my ip block again because I have totally destroyed and exposed you.
 Quoting: Anonymous astrophysicist 1288868

I found the thread on page one. I have seen no evidence of the thread being censored. I have seen you, on multiple occasions, credit the admins with powers that I am certain they don't have, the software with abilities that don't seem to be encoded, and the HTML seems to back me up on this. You were pretty thoroughly banned some years ago, I am certain if the admins wanted you gone, or cared about what you were posting, that you'd simply be gone.

Alas, I have no relation to them whatsoever. And if you really had me totally exposed or destroyed, you'd have taken my wager to finish the job entirely.

You didn't take my wager, thus demonstrating your own lack of faith and cowardice about your own idea. We'll see for sure December 22nd.

I only spent this short time to respond to you to further eat at your already dying ego, I will not further respond and I did not read your post, I simply saw it and scrolled over it and recommend anyone else reading this do the same since you SAY NOTHING.
 Quoting: Anonymous astrophysicist 1288868

You keep stating that, yet you keep responding. The fact that you cannot rationally refute anything I say, nor challenge the sources I provided speaks volumes. Your lack of self control is showing again, and you should look into that. Besides, don't you want me bumping your thread to page one?
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