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Poster Handle Anonymous astrophysicist
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AA- We have practically no flares. What is the effect of this on earth.Do you think we are moving towards a ice-age? Also do you see any effect of a long solar minimum on earth?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25824944

Not moving towards an ice age, we are reaching a peak in world temperatures, the exact opposite.. There are several cycles at work, the major one in play now is the oscillation of the solar system up and down through the galactic plane.

As I stated in previous posts, the solar maximum is delayed, but don't let that fool you, as the position of the galactic center, the Earth and the Sun are moving into alignment and I can guarantee you the fireworks you seem to want. The solar max is arriving and we are seeing some very unusual events and conditions that I predicted with rather precise accuracy in 2003. If you have a question that makes sense, Ill try to answer it but from now on no more of this or it's the ignore bin for you.
 Quoting: Anonymous astrophysicist 1288868

AA- I think you need to be open and see what is happenning for yourself. All sunspots appearing on earth side are decaying. Something is preventing it from being active.

You have been telling me from March that we will get more flares but that has still not materialized.

You need to revisit your model or theory and put in teh current factor as well .

With the way things are going looks like we are more headed towards an ice-age

PS- Pls ignore the trolls . they are simply diverting your knowledge. Pls do not give-in to them
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25891383

and I bet 100% guaranteed that if idw responds- he will accuse this indian poster of being the 7 quadruple 4...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25875652

Pine gap, eh? Ought to at least use a proxy. Australians are less than 1% of the worlds population and more than 20% of the posters here on GLP, that number being much greater on my threads, and all of them are shill like objects. Not a coincidence
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