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btw, no-one is falling for the system you have of using certain words with *asterix* either side to establish your *instantly recognisable* identity agent 74444.....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25880473

Uh.... that's the way I've been writing for years.

imo this is because there is more than one person posting under this ID and therefore you are trying to *establish* that it is the same person posting all the time....I don't think you are the same person posting all the time in *this* thread,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25880473

Alas, you are incorrect. I'm just one guy.

I don't fall for it as I am sure many others also don't...remember, this thread is not your *average* thread...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25880473

For GLP, it seems fairly average, though I agree that IDW is more fun than most.

imo myself and AA (& a couple of others) have *outed* you agent 74444 during the past few pages, you have also *helped* this by posting a very detailed and *highly* scientific intelligent/knowledgeable post which I will re-post after this post.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25880473

Thank you for the compliment. That is what *real* science can do, by the by...and I can't help but notice that IDW and his defenders did nothing to respond to or refute it. With the existence of the photon confirmed, IDW's cosmology falls apart.

There is no way in a timescale of around 15 minutes that a self professed *I.T Guy* would have been able to do that imo, but I will let the readers of this thread make their own minds up.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25880473

Well, just because I took classes in and have an interest in science and physics doesn't mean it is my career.

Also, you might want to look back, some. The post you are alluding to, there was a bigger gap than you seem to realize. Of course, 40 minutes isn't all that much more than the 15 you are alluding to and, as I said, some of that post was in response to earlier stuff, so that was already in Notepad...

So, hate to burst your bubble, but I have been perfectly honest about what I do, and that there is only one of me, and that I am not paid by anyone, government or otherwise, to post here, and remain a fairly average guy. I am sorry there is no evidence that I can possibly present to correct your erroneous and irrational belief, and I certainly notice you giving IDW/AA the benefit of doubts you aren't granting me. An interesting choice, there.
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