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Poster Handle Anonymous astrophysicist
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I implore you to read my post suggesting simply ignoring the disinfo ops. It will not only enrage them as their egos are deflated ,they will become much less effective in their overall strategy. The more we respond to their posts, the less actual information gets exchanged, which to me seems obvious is their current main operational methodology.
 Quoting: Anonymous astrophysicist 1288868

ok, agreed AA.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25880473

I'm sure that I suggested that pages ago.
 Quoting: Elemental

Yes, you did, and the psychological instinct to respond to being attacked by responding offensively is very strong in me.
I have always believed the best strategy is to destroy ones enemy, but when opposing evil through words, you can only make it stronger.
A bow or a tomahawk work in a physical battle in dispatching the enemy efficiently and permanently, as does a bullet, but battles of words cannot be won with skilled liars.

My people believe the enemy is not to be shown mercy, but in this situation the lost logical approach that hurts them and their agenda the most is to simply let them babble on, and it is imperative that we do not allow then to succeed as they have been in taking the thread off topic and making it into a shit slinging contest.

No one responds to a thread that does not interest them or that they think is nonsense, so it is readily apparent that the detractors have some interest in it that is proportional to the time they spend responding. This translates into they have great interest in it, and since they are constantly deriding me, the intent and interest most logically is simply interference in the revelation of information that will help save non reptilians..

As for their efforts, all they have accomplished is building upon my credibility and in a very minor way succeeding in slowing down the flow of information, and it seems the director of their operation may lack the intelligence to realize this. This is a good sign, as I said before, that their funding is decreasing and eventually their program may be completely discontinued since it has worked in complete reverse to it's obvious goal. I remember a time not so long ago when disinfo ops used effective techniques and had a respectable degree of intelligence.

This new breed seems to be hired off the streets in some tent city somewhere, all of the big dogs are hiding under the porch or retired except for poor old agent 74444, but his substitution posters and using teams to produce single posts indicate we may not be dealing with the same old 74444, in fact I suspect they have traded the failed 'pinata' tactic with pooling their efforts into a few 'posters', each with a similar yet different psychological assignment.

The 'pinata' method simply announced to every reader the person being attacked was right with 100% certainty, and I blame myself for teaching them that the hard way.

All of this being said, my stated goal is to remove the "Jewish" stumbling block from the advancement of science and human civilization in general, and to get the human race back on the right track to actual advancement of civilization through truth before the cleansing so that we have a solid starting point and do not make the same mistakes again. We will not honor and follow our enemies lead, we will bury them when they appear again.

Since I obviously cannot do it myself, I must rely on help from an old ally. Suffering builds character and makes one appreciate the creator's gift. The just will survive, you must trust in this.

When all of this over not a single human with artificially manipulated reptilian dominated DNA will be left alive, and the planet will enjoy perhaps 20,000 years of living as the creator intended, one with creation and the creator with nothing coming between us.

I know this sounds quasi religious , but there is no real religion except that voice inside of you that speaks to you. The reptiles simply don't have it, and as they post here it is easy to discern which are them.
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