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It will be humorous watching them implode.Trust me.
There is nothing more aggravating and infuriating to an impudent childlike mentality than simply being ignored. Within a few pages they will break down and may even threaten violence.
 Quoting: Anonymous astrophysicist 1138025

I wish no violence against you at all, and never have. Pity you cannot say the same.

As for you ignoring me, the behavior merely demonstrates the weakness of your own ideas, and nothing about me whatsoever. How could it? You don't even know me.

Now back to the subject. I was wondering about the trees in the north, usually by this time many areas are reaching their peaks in colors as the leaves die and change to bright colors. It was one of my favorite seasons when I lived in the Adirondacks of New York state, early to late September was when the leaves were beautiful almost beyond description.
I am betting this is delayed and not nearly as colorful as normal. Can anyone give timely reports? Brown leaves would be what i would expect, as it is specific wavelengths of radiation combined with the light cycle that cause the color changes in deciduous trees..
 Quoting: Anonymous astrophysicist 1138025

New York and New Jersey trees are very near peak (maybe next week) in terms of Fall colors right now, and it is very, very lovely -- though recent rains knocked a lot down.

Oh, wait, you will discount my report merely because it comes from me, and doesn't agree with your predictions or preconceived notions. Never you mind.

63 days to go!
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