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Poster Handle Anonymous astrophysicist
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Quasi religious?

so that's why you and your toadie waterbug denied that FUKU or the GOM had any effect whatsoever huh?

instead NASA and solar events which you have PROVEN THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND

 Quoting: RTS REDUX

The OP of the main GLP Fuku thread?
Typo perhaps redux?

...but I see where you are going with this.
having followed this whole thread I have noted the following

AA beliefs - (vs mine)

That the sun and earth are heating up. -
(could be, but I'm not so sure about that, and for sure not to the extent that AA claims.)

That the human role in climate change is minor in relation to space climate and other "natural" factors. -
(could be, and I suspect this is true)

That Chemtrails are "true" and being used by the government and corporate interests, but that they are being sprayed for the public good to shield us from the increased solar output that would otherwise be frying us. -
(I know chemtrails are a real event because I knew about their deployment apart from the internet and before the internet, and it is true that their stated purpose decades ago was just as AA states, to stave off global warming. But I disagree that that is the real pretext anymore, or that it is justified, with them putting radioactive thorium and so many other toxins into the spray, which is killing off many forms of life, including humans, in the US and Western European regions primarily. (Chemtrails and other population reduction / genocide projects target rather specifically the 1st-world nations, at this time at least. To juice an orange, first choose an orange with the most juice.))

That something big is going down with radiation and the space environment by December 21st. -
(I don't know, but I have not noticed personally the precursors to such an event that AA emphatically predicted in this thread.)

I have not read AA write that Fuku and GOM had "no effect what-so-ever", but of what I have read he seems to downplay or ignore these issues, probably because he does not like other doom competing with his pet ideas. -
(If this is the case then I certainly disagree with AA)

To encapsulate very briefly, a whole lot of anti-government sentiment, at least in relation to the US. -
(I generally think AA is on the right track here, although it seems to me like he may be a little out on a limb at times as far as the amount of conscious human organization behind this. Like Douglas Dietrich said, what we really have going for us is the overwhelming stupidity, ineptitude, and laziness of the US government. After a life time of careful observation I have come to the conclusion that some of these conspiracy ideas do seem true in terms of organization and planning, but that there are often invisible "spiritual?" forces behind many a conspiracy. They organize themselves often seemingly almost on random chance, sometimes. However 9/11 was a totally human conspiracy. Not even the stupidest demon of the spirit world could fumble and screw up a conspiracy as poorly executed as that.)

AA makes a whole lot of "anti-semetic" statements. -
(It is a complex multi-tiered issue, and individuals are individuals and are ultimately judged individually, and really underneath the varnish of hatred I have also seen this more humanist point of view from AA as well, which is to say that there is a cabal of J elites that have too much effect on the world, to the extent of even warping public perception, but that they oppress even their own, so that this problem might not extend to the poor J dirt farmer in Mexico, for instance. If you strip away the veneer of hate and judge individuals as individuals I think that my opinion and AA's might not be too far apart.)

Waterbug, Henry Bowman, Parvati, and a few others have expressed the opinion that AA, Agent74444, and RTX are all a special GLP shill team (troll team in that case) designed to drive more visits to GLP. I'm not so sure about that, but who knows.
 Quoting: ehecatl

We really don't care what you think.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10082464

Seems illogical to me to be able to come to the conclusion I am working in collusion with people I openly despise.
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