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Hi AA we are less than two months from your end date and by now you predicted that there would be major earth changes happening everywhere that even the most brainwashed or brain dead could not ignore. This is not the case not even close and it undermines what you say about december 21

If this thread manages to keep going despite the fact that your predictions of massive earth changes leading up to the end date do not happen has me wondering also. Agent 7444 seems to keep pushing he will wait till them to call you on it yet the reality is the build up you predicted leading o this day is not even close to what you said. Part of me wonders if you and agent are working together and seeing testing how long you can keep stringing people along even as events you said would happen on a scale that nobody can ignore have not occurred. I a, also reminded how you appeared after the ban back in August. Truth is you could have got around the ban very easily. Maybe Pavarti was right and you and the others are working together to keep this thread going and maybe testing how far you can string people along. If so congratulations seems you will keep it ping right up to December 21 even though most if they looked outside their windows would see the calamities etc you predicted as being on a wide scale by now have just not happened

Can yo explain why that is. I am not saying there has been no weather changes but you predicted by now it would be on such a scale that even joe six pack could not ignore it. That is just not the case so what is your prediction now it is all just going to go down on 21 December? No foreplay.
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