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Waiting for AA's reply...
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

Yes, I know, it was fully expected and I did predict in the past 5 pages or so that it would ramp rapidly from this point forward. It is pattern established after studying many solar maximums from years past, I am sure most astrophysicists are aware of it. The strange thing is going to be when it get's hotter instead of colder for winter, and it will.
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicst 1176865

op-Which world are you in??? All earth facing sunspots are showings signs of decay. HAs been happenning for quite some time .

Now I suspect you must be from NASA or gov trying to misdirect us. We are 100% heading for a ice age.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6875753

Yo man, those sunspots are decaying due to a decay in the Sun's magnetic field and compression of the heliosphere by the Interstellar Plasma Cloud. Read here: Thread: UPDATED - - - - FINALLY! New Information from IBEX that continues to verify we are entering a highly magnetized/energetic region of the Fluff!!!

In time, more cosmic rays and radiation will arrive here, hitting Earth and the Sun. The Sun will soon be overloaded by many protons and hydrogen atoms from the Fluffy that it will begin swelling and expanding, as well as forming massive sunspots all over its surfacce, making the Sun look almost completely black with massive sunspots all over, producing catastrophic CMEs. All of that to happen by December 24 2012-March 24 2013. Our Sun will expand to a diameter of 0.2 AUs by March 2013, or 30 million kilometres.
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

I wonder if these massive and numerous black spots could be the 3 days of darkness detailed in many religious/ancient writings??
or is it a long forgotten orbiting planet passing in front of the sun??
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