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Six weeks or less till AA prediction and he has vanished, who could have predicted it, lol. He kept this thread going for a year so kudos to him. Berated people with his high iq and how he was so certain. At this point what is happening is not even close to his prediction

Hate to break it to you folks but for those that believed you have been had,for those on the fence, I w one until about two months ago time to get off it, AA was having you on
 Quoting: Anonres4567 27058925

To be fair to him, I tend to believe he believes what he says. However, I have no hard evidence of that, it is just my belief after engaging with him for quite awhile.

The only question that remains is does he work for this site or some type of organization or was this just someone in need of attention or delusional
 Quoting: Anonres4567 27058925

I tend toward believing the latter.

Not sure but my guess given how well this has been played that he was compensated to do this ,
 Quoting: Anonres4567 27058925

No. I believe he really does crave the attention, and he feels validation through the attention. He equates such silly metrics as hit numbers equaling overall correctness and importance. He comes up with astoundingly complicated conspiracy theories when his threads fall off the main page, rather than accept that people have simply grown tiresome of the thread.

In any event time to know those in charge are going nowhere for now and you still have to pay them your pound of flesh. Cosmic justice is. Not arriving to sort it all out.
 Quoting: Anonres4567 27058925

I am not one to say "I told you so."

However, whether he is about or not, I will continue my experiment until it is over - a mere 47 days from now. If I am able to post, and the Internet is still here, I will add these new incorrect predictions and ideas to the huge list of his previous incorrect predictions and ideas, as I promised.
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