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I will find it interesting to test your predictions, SG, after IDW/AA's likely fail on December 22nd. It's a pity he hasn't been around, but c'est la vie.

33 days to go. Things aren't looking to good for IDW/AA's predictions...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

Unfortunately people are in a trance state and unable to see the most obvious of facts.

I believe this is the result of an ongoing continuous psychological war that is enabled by radio frequency brainwave control piggybacked on the cellular telephone network and through television.

Yes, they are managing to create what appears to be near seasonal temperatures but the tell tale sign that I am correct is the 10-15 degrees above normal temperatures in the arctic and sub arctic regions. There is no 'reservoir' of cold air that normally facilitates the manifestation of the season we call 'winter'. There will be no winter. Localized snowstorms that melt off the next few days are not 'winter'.

Yes, there is some refreezing of arctic ice, but it at the lowest level in recorded history and deceptive tactics are being used to make it appear there is more solid ice that actually exists. The data we are given counts any area covered by are least 15% ice as frozen, as in the chart posted earlier..

The largest storm in recorded history just hit the northeast, the magnetosphere is so unstable that daily fluctuations of 100 nanotesla are becoming the norm at any given latitude, and contrary to a sophisticated propaganda campaign dedicated to making you believe all is normal, every prediction I made is coming to past.

While the current solar maximum appears to be somewhat tame with few complex sunspots appearing as of yet, this will change.

As I have repeatedly stated we are entering conpletly uncharted territory and predictions are hard to make with any great degree of accuracy, but one that I can make with certainty is that the current mass extinction will worsen, the intensity of weather systems and weather extremes will worsen ( the energy that powers the weather comes from the Sun) , and data will continue to be withheld.

"They" are not going to tell you the direness of the situation but rest assured they have made their preparations.

"They" are setting up a situation which will pit the nuclear powers against each other in precise timing with when the global changes become so obvious that no one will deny it. It amazes me to see people here who are stating directly that my predictions have failed.

While it is true that I have not been completely accurate , there is no one in this world who has been more accurate and with the complex interactions of a multitude of totally new phenomenon it is simply not possible to predict with 100% accuracy ever contingency.

But I do think I have been correct on my main points, unusual and unprecedented geological activity, an increase in the effects of solar events on the planet, and rapidly changing and radical weather patterns. The one thing that admittedly has taken me by surprise is the lack of complex sunspots and I have been off with my temperature predictions as a result.

Do not let your guard down because a few people have concentrated on the failure of a few predictions to manifest in precisely the way I said they would. Remember, there is no history to look back to besides several mass extinctions and changes in atmospheric composition recorded in ice core samples that we know were directly related to solar activity and intentionally attributed to other causes.

"They" will coordinate a worldwide economic failure followed directly by an all out nuclear exchange participated in by all of the nuclear powers (which are all actually under the control of the 'monolithic worldwide conspiracy" Kennedy spoke of) destroying the major cities and huge slices of the population when the magnetometer completely or nearly completely fails and the solar maximum peaks, probability, 100%.

This will occur during the time frame I set forth throughout this thread. The fact that the solar maximum has not been that impressive as of yet is not to be taken as a sign of future events.

If you are wondering why I have not posted here recently the honest answer is twofold, I have been very busy preparing and the message has already gotten out to those who are still capable of complex intellectual thought patterns, which is about 1/2 of 1% of the total population who can see the 'whole picture'. The television program "doomsday preppers" proves that not a single one of these people preparing realize all of their separate reasons and fears are connected to each other.

I will not waste my time posting here any longer as there is nothing to gain at this point and it would have no productive result at this point. What amazes me is how effective the electronic and psychological mind control has been on such a large percentage of the population, all who sense something is very wrong as the water begins to boil in the pot, and so very very few of the frogs are sensing the increase in heat and jumping out other than into either a worst position or no real increase in chances of survival.
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