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Poster Handle Anonymous Astrophysicist
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It's really cold here in Korea, and while I understand the uncharted territories we are going in...my poor mother must think I'm now nuts.. because in her mind if there weren't extraordinarily hot temps in December then she knows her son has lost it beyond all imagination!

Glad to see you've made it til the End.

On a personal note, and you don't need to reply. but as I've contemplated the end, and envision that I could meet it head-strong, in the end, I know I'm human and that water is cold, or that fire is hot. Will we rise to the Occasion in the End?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22270906

Worldwide temperature changes are directly related to the overall energy output of the Sun.

The one thing recent events have proven is this is a fact, putting a fork in Al Gore once and for all. In fact if you compare sunspot and solar storm activity to worldwide temperature averages, the correlation is direct and easy to see.
The very small increase in CO2 we have observed is not the result of human activity and the cause of global warming, in fact the increase in CO2 is CAUSED by global warming, just like the release of methane is as well.
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist 4198339

I know what you mean believe me! But I must press you on the Matter that you Predicted that unprecedented hot temps would prevail through December..my poor Mom thinks I'm crazy! You say it's the unpredictability of sunspots? Can you better clarify to the lay person as myself? There's no doubt in my mind that the End will play out as both you and I envision. I was just very surprised in our weather.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22270906

It is very simple actually. The Sun is the source of heat energy reaching the Earth and all forms of solar energy including x ray, particle and the entire electromagnetic spectrum convert to heat energy. In quiet times with little solar activity temperatures decrease. This was unexpected in this time frame as far as I am concerned, but as I have said, we are in completely uncharted territory making accurate predictions of solar activity very difficult.
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