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Poster Handle Anonymous Astrophysicist
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Do these studies come from the Wasington Post?
Do you have any other studies that would collaberate with this?
Me thinks this is media manipulation.
Just my opinion.
 Quoting: old guard

Precisely. The damage from Sandy was over a huge geographic area and included areas that are literally the most expensive real estate per square foot in the country. Also, the damage from Sandy has not been accurately added up yet, this will not come for years later. Original damage estimates from Katrina were very very low compared to what we are hearing now, we won't know for sure until the insurance companies pay out on the damage or reveal their figures that resulted in their bankruptcy. My intuition tells me Sandy did three times the monetary damage of any storm in history due to the flooding over such a large area and the wind and water damage in areas with very high real estate values and expensive homes.

The deaths from Sandy were very low because the people had plenty of warning and didn't act like stupid rednecks in the south frequently do, which is 'stand their ground". The 6000 deaths in Galveston were the result of a total lack of warning, and I seriously doubt the damage estimates in Galveston ad Southern Florida given by the Washington post were even in the right paperbark. It is an attempt to downplay the damage of Sandy, for whatever reason. . Had the island been evacuated, only a hundred or so would have died if that. I do not believe the damage figures from Katrina are accurate and are inclusive of everything from the funding of Blackwater to the relocation of hundreds of thousands of people and th funding of welfare recipients in far off regions.. The areas that were destroyed were very poor niegborhoods, besides of course the coital casinos in MIssissippi.
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