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I guess after thinking about it the key word is unprecedented weather. I don't know how he managed to do it, but agent 74444 somehow managed to completely paint over that fact and there is not a single meteorologist in the world who disagrees with me that a storm of this nature has never been observed before, ever, and as as it relates to this thread and my predictions it represents a correct prediction, which it was agent 74444's goal to conceal.

According to what I have been able to ascertain, there is no reservoir of extremely cold air in the arctic regions meaning there is no source of cold air to create what we call winter.
As soon as the Sun produces a severe sunspot and an Earth directed coronal mass ejection, the discussion on this thread will change. With temperatures already well above normal in the arctic regions and ice coverage at all time lows, a few severe Solar storms will bring to fruition my prediction of summer weather in the dead of winter, given the magneto pause is essentially gone and the geomagnetic field is simply no longer deflecting particle radiation from the solar wind and from of course CME's from reaching the Earths surface. We have simple been very lucky, or it may be a part of the intelligent design I have repeatedly spoken of.

Perhaps the creator timed this to happen during the 'Holidays" because they are an affront to his true nature. One X class or larger flare with an Earth directed CME will cause agent 74444 to simply stop posting, and it is simply a matter of time. While the solar maximum has been tame thus far it is important to remember the last solar maximum was late as well.

All could change in a matter of days including temperatures over the entire world. Our shields are literally down and conditions in interplanetary space are indisputably radically changing .

As a matter of honor I will not cease posting no matter what happens on this thread unless it becomes impossible to do so.

I still put the odds of a massive and deadly Solar radiation storm occurring on December 22 at @98% and if I am wrong i will take the criticism like a man. I also am still predicting there will be no real winter anywhere in the northern hemisphere and the present data indicates even if there is not a single solar storm this prediction will be correct. The chances of this though are slim to non assistant, and a series of solar storms will result in summer conditions temperature wise.

As for the Norman Rockwell Christmas, forget it. The chances are simply non existent of this occurring since there is no pool of cold air in the arctic to create it. Snowstorms that do occur will melt away within a few days to a week at most below the 45 latitude (excepting of course high elevations) and there will be no significant accumulations that last.
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