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Poster Handle Anonymous Astrophysicist
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29204116

And yet, now that he has confirmed what went wrong with that sighting and that the skies are behaving normally, the believers are being cross with him yet again. There's no way for Astromut to win with you people, is there?

14 days to go, toward another likely IDW/AA (among many others) predictive failure.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

The only real question now I think is will AA return after that date and do the honorable thing and admit he was wrong.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18342848

Of course, but don't count me having to do it just yet. I have been wrong before and I will again, and it is dishonorable not to admit ones mistakes..
BUT, You are as most missing the 'big picture' and concentrating on a few failed numerical predictions while ignoring the overall correctness.
I do not know why the Sun has been so inactive where Sunspot formation is concerned, the event I described does not even have to have a sunspot present to occur, and we have seen repeated instances of large Mass ejections not related to solar x ray flares or Sunspots. As for the sunspot activity, I know it has the potential to change very rapidly.

I also know that geological instability is at an all time high, that the core of the Earth is heating, that massive amounts of methane hydrates arr being liberated from the ocean floor, and that overall there is no rational, lucid person who would make the claim all is well and there is nothing to worry about.
I personally believe despite the indications to the contrary that my prediction of massive world changes caused by a solar event on the 22nd of December will come to past, and I KNOW that radical changes are rapidly taking place and that we currently are in the midst of a mass extinction event and hundreds of species are dieing off completely every week.
I also know that despite the data being heavily censored we are currently experiencing a bombardment of very high energy radiation from unknown sources, and that the Sun's overall energy output and brightness has increased to the point where nearly everyone is noticing it.
I also know that the operation cloverleaf is being put into overdrive, there is NEVER a day where the artificial reflective clouds are not present, and this artificial increase of the Earths albedo can only do so much.

Time will tell, but don't put your money on agent 74444, he knows NOTHING about the subject matter and his only goal is to convince you I am wrong, which in of itself is suspicious given his dedication....and DON'T trust any source of data coming through a government filter. This includes the majority of satellite derived data coming from any source.
I also know no one could rationally describe any of the major environmental conditions as normal though there are a very few places where weather patterns are seemingly normal. THIS WILL NOT BE THE GENERAL PATTERN AND WEATHER CONDITIONS WILL BE EXTREMELY ABNORMAL as the increase of energy into the system continues to worsen..
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