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It's 98.5 % I believe that I calculated the odds of a catastrophic event resulting in a mass human death on December the 21st. And I haven't changed my position.
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist. 1282622

I stand corrected. My little perch just got one percent bigger, then. Yet I remain firmly convinced that betting against you tends toward more accurate prognostications.

Then find another board, somewhere. There are so many on the Internet.
 Quoting: Agent74444

May I speak for what I believe is the the majority of the readers and users of this board in telling you to go fuck yourself?
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist. 1282622

You may speak, but a I severely doubt it is for any majority. I find in interesting that with your supposed vastly superior intellect, that pitiful attempt at an insult is all you can come up with.

But so long as you are posting here at GLP and acting in the typically rude, bully-like way that you do,
 Quoting: Agent74444

You sound like a faggot. If you can't take the derogatory criticism , you're certainly in the wrong business because I would imagine you get a lot of it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist. 1282622

Any 'sound' you hear is purely in your own imagination. You might want to have that looked into.

And this isn't business at all. I find it amusing to continually point out your failures, and that your attempted toothless attacks at me just keep missing the target. It really is like watching an angry, aged chihuahua. I'm laughing at your supposed superior intellect.

I will continue to point out your missteps, mistakes, and repeated downright falsehoods.
 Quoting: Agent74444

And yet I don't see you actually doing that, not with this post or the ten prior to it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist. 1282622

Well, let's see. In the last ten posts I have challenged you to provide supporting links for your claims, which you failed to do, show the math where you came up with your 98.5% figure, which you failed to provide, pointed out that Astromut was correct, which had nothing to do with you, pointed out that temperatures across the Northeast had fallen quite precipitously, which contradicted predictions you made all year long, pointed out incorrect claims you were making about the costs of hurricanes, and provided evidence for same, and a thorough post pointing out your past failed claims and repeated incompetence in any number of different subjects that you have claimed to have mastered, demonstrating your apparent inability to cite supporting evidence, and showed your ego repeatedly overwhelming your judgement, like it did just now.

All that, with a fairly typical I.Q.

I think my past ten posts pointed those out just fine, thank you.
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