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Poster Handle Anonymous Astrophysicist
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The source of this data is dubious at best but there is a very interesting and well established pattern to it. Here we see the electron flux of the solar wind is well below normal:
[link to www.n3kl.org]
The readings from the GOES 13 satellite is about 1-2% of normal readings. Remember, the scale is logarithmic.

In fact it near to the lowest I have ever seen it. Since our geomagnetic field is powered by electrons in the solar wind, we see a correlating drop in geomagnetic strength, a trend with the electron flux reading we are now registering I expect to rapidly worsen:
[link to www.n3kl.org]

I STRONGLY suspect that this data on the above referenced chart is being doctored, that with the extremely low electron flux there is simply no way we are receiving the flow of electrons necessary to have a geomagnetic field strength of 65 nanotesla, which is only 35% below the baseline average of 100. The electron flux is down to less than 10% of normal on all satellite sources.

One of the most disturbing readings is the increase in low energy protons which indicates we are entering a 'bubble' or perhaps a plane of free protons, and we are very near the Galactic plane for the first time in 26000 years.

As I have previously stated, I fully expect the galactic plane to contain a very high concentration of protons and hydrogen, this is the cause of the so called 'dark rift' which marks the galactic plane and blocks light from stars from reaching Earth, thus the nomenclature of astrophysical phenomenon.

Any electron from the Sun passing through this cloud of protons has a strong possibility of being captured by the excess of protons forming a hydrogen atom, which will inevitably result in an increase of energy emanating from the Sun.

It also explains the sudden drop in electron flux.
Note that there is no solar activity that explains the increase in proton density, and kudos to the poster who noticed.
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