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Let's try that again.

Another experiment: If the Moon is moving unpredictably, then the annular solar eclipse, visible from Australia and the Pacific on May 10th should utterly fail to occur.

[link to eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov]

Likewise, just 15 days later, there will be a penumbral Lunar eclipse as well, visible to the entire continental United States. Again, if the Moon were moving in the ways you are claiming, that should also utterly fail to occur.

[link to eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov]

What say you to *that* experiment, IDW/A.A? You wisely rejected my wager about December 21st. Would you care to wager on these two eclipses occurring in May?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

Why don't we do a real experiment, one that will reveal just how full of shit you and the bullshit 'science' you represent really is. No astronomer worth his weight in manure would deny that the Mayans predicted the timing of solar and lunar eclipses with greater accuracy than modern astronomers are capable of ten years in advance by calculation over 800 years ago.
 Quoting: Anonymous Atrophysicist 1384202

The Mayans were fabulous astronomers, and wrote things down. That's one of the reasons we know the 13th b'ak'tun started December 21st, and that predicted eclipses and transits fit with the calendar, demonstrating your claim of 'missing years' to be full of doo-doo.

But I digress.

In fact they use the Mayan calender to predict them to this day.
 Quoting: Anonymous Atrophysicist 1384202

How did the Maya predict the unpredicted motion that you say the Moon is currently experiencing? Did they somehow *know* the Moon's orbit was going to change, as you claim it has?

Show us any reference that predates , oh ,let's say 1975 that predicts a lunar eclipse on May 10th visible from Australia and show the calculations involved that predict it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Atrophysicist 1384202

It is a solar eclipse. But that's an easy error to make.

Failure to do so is admitting it is not calculations being used to predict these eclipses, but the Mayan calender. Just because you are unwilling to admit it means nothing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Atrophysicist 1384202

Well, let me get this straight. If one can find and produce a source that predicts the current upcoming eclipses from 1975 or before, that would prove *to you* that the Moon is moving predictably? If one is able to do this, would you concede the experiment I outlined above would be incontrovertible in testing your claims, and that if the eclipses occur as predicted, your cosmology is utterly wrong?

Just want to make sure that I am understanding you clearly and completely.
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