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BTW, I haven't had an avatar since the solar flare/chemtrail forecasting days, where I had an extremely high degree of accuracy in predicting solar f;ares and when and where chemtrail activity would be extreme during the last solar maximum. The reason I am set upon by this pack of jackals is not because I am just some crackpot nutcase, in case you didn't notice you shills leave them threads alone..Everyone knows the pattern, the more shill activity the more credibility the poster has.
 Quoting: Anonymous Atrophysicist 1179023

Were that so, 90 percent of us would have died in the great cleansing of 2012.

Strangely, I feel fine.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74444

Not necessarily. Did I ever claim 100% accuracy, or even claim the date was certain?
 Quoting: Anonymous Atrophysicist 1179023

No -- just 98.5% as a very conservative estimate, and that the date was certain.

You wrote it, you own it.

I don't recall doing that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Atrophysicist 1179023

Your selective memory remains infamous.

And I gave a very detailed explanation of how and why the prediction failed, including evidence a year had been skipped in the Gregorian calender.
 Quoting: Anonymous Atrophysicist 1179023

Which would make no difference, since had that happened, eclipses of the Gregorian and eclipses of the Maya calendars would fail to line up as exactly as they do.

I think ti is also noteworthy that the nearly precisely geo effective sunspot DID in fact appear in the center of the SUns disk on 12/21/12 just as I predicted over 8 years in advance.
 Quoting: Anonymous Atrophysicist 1179023

Well, the day before, anyway. And you never gave a baseline on how often such sunspots appear...

But, again, I digress. Back to the subject at hand.
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