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Poster Handle Dr. Astro
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You never did show those calculations made in the 70's predicting the eclipse in Australia recently. Because you can't. Why can't you? Why can't astroturd?
 Quoting: Dr. Astro
I have already presented my own calculations regarding the moon's position. You still haven't properly addressed them. I'm STILL waiting for you to address them.

 Quoting: Dr. Astro

You have shown no proof that these calculations are not copy pasted.
 Quoting: Anonymous Astrophysicist 1270944

Burden of proof is on you to show that they are. Furthermore, you just proved why no one should bother wasting their time doing any more calculations for you until you have properly addressed my calculations. You just proved you will ignore them and dismiss them as "lies" and "copy/pasted." I have shown my work, I have provided the excel sheet. You have not shown that I faked, stole, or performed incorrect calculations at all. I have proven that my calculations are correct, accurate, and work, both for modern empirical data and old. Anyone who does not believe me is free to check out the same book I used and see for themselves that I am telling the truth.
I offered you the opportunity to prove what you claim is possible, and you cannot because it is not.
 Quoting: IDW

I already did:

The book referenced is freely available from a variety of libraries. If you do not believe I am being honest, then it is up to YOU to show that the book's calculations and tables differ from mine.
Since it IS NOT, then astronomers must be using another method of predicting celestial events far into the future
 Quoting: IDW

See what I mean people? He's making a priori ASSumptions and he will not address my calculations posted above. He's doing exactly what I described earlier tonight.
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

Here you go:
[link to www.worldcat.org]
Anyone who disbelieves me can verify my spreadsheet with the above book. It works, despite being published 22 years ago. Burden of proof is on anyone who wishes to accuse me of lying, I can't force you to read the book, so the burden of proof is on the person claiming that I'm lying.
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