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 Quoting: RTS REDUX

How many pages did you have to peruse to come up with that lameness..?

Perhaps you can explain this..?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1295673

umm..that was page one and why would you ignore that AA had no idea what a proton event was? There are probably hundreds of examples on C2/C3 from the last cycle and dozens from the current cycle

what I think about some irrelevant bs is irrelevant

btw..here's another example of AA's 'competency' from page 7 and 8

he had no clue that some cosmic rays come from the Sun

go figure


Sigh. Why do you do this? You clearly know hardly anything about the subjects... Yes the sun produces cosmic rays, and there are also interstellar cosmic rays called galactic cosmic rays.wall1doh1

Cosmic rays are a type of radiation that comes from space. Cosmic rays aren't really "rays". They are particles (mostly protons) with very high energies. Cosmic rays come from various places, including the Sun, supernova explosions, and extremely distant sources such as radio galaxies and quasars. Because of their high energy, this type of particle radiation can be dangerous to people and to machines. On Earth we are mostly shielded from them by our planet's magnetic field and atmosphere.

Cosmic rays were discovered by the Austrian-American physicist Victor Hess. Hess discovered this new type of radiation in 1912. He won the 1936 Nobel Prize in Physics for this discovery.

There are several different types of cosmic rays. Solar cosmic rays come from the Sun. They have less energy than most other types of cosmic rays. Solar flares and other explosions on the Sun make this type of cosmic ray. A second type is the galactic cosmic ray. Galactic cosmic rays have more energy than solar cosmic rays. Astronomers think they come from supernova explosions, black holes, and neutron stars within our own Milky Way galaxy. A third type is the rare extragalactic cosmic ray. Scientist think these particles come from somewhere outside of our galaxy. However, they aren't exactly sure where they come from.
[link to www.windows2universe.org]

Do cosmic rays come from our sun? From other (nearby) stars?

After studying cosmic rays for the last century, scientists think that many of the lower and some of the medium energy cosmic rays come from stars. We certainly do receive cosmic rays on Earth that originate from our sun.However, these rays origins are difficult to study as they get deflected by the many magnetic field associated with other stars and planets.

Very, very low cosmic ray flux huh? Then what the fuck is this?

Cosmic Rays Hit Space Age High

"We're experiencing the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century," says Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center, "so it is no surprise that cosmic rays are at record levels for the Space Age."

"In 2009, cosmic ray intensities have increased 19% beyond anything we've seen in the past 50 years," says Richard Mewaldt of Caltech. "The increase is significant, and it could mean we need to re-think how much radiation shielding astronauts take with them on deep-space missions."
[link to www.nasa.gov]

So either the information you're spreading is bullshit and wrong, which it clearly is, or NASA and other scientific institutions are wrong. And frankly there is no reason to trust you or your bullshit. Everything you say is just wrong, like you're purposely trying to misinform people and spread the wrong information. Are you getting paid for this?
 Quoting: Plasmare

cosmic ray
noun Physics .
a radiation of high penetrating power that originates in outer space and consists partly of high-energy atomic nuclei. { I looked through several articles and could find none that claim cosmic rays originate from the Sun. Particles that originate from the Sun are refereed to as solar particle radiation.
 Quoting: Anonymous astropysicist 1946597

So now you finally admit you don't know what you're talking about. Good. Now we can move on. I don't know how many times I have to prove your statements are nothing more than opinion based upon belief that you know what you're on about. I wasn't sure how many times I had to prove you wrong in order for you to accept that, I'm glad you have. Now everyone can see that you don't know shit. You do some light internet research and think you're some astrophysicist and you don't even understand half the things you "learn". You just memorize and don't learn anything. It shows, very clearly.
 Quoting: Plasmare

[Cosmic Rays Hit Space Age High

"We're experiencing the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century," says Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center, "so it is no surprise that cosmic rays are at record levels for the Space Age."]

Yes, it is odd that while the Sun was at a very low level of activity the cosmic ray flux was higher, considering cosmic rays come from the Sun! cruise
The increase in cosmic rays during the unusually low solar activity was caused by a shrinkage of the ionosphere, which is the Suns equivalent of the Earths magnetosphere. By definition cosmic rays originate outside the heliosphere, and the solar system. if you've found an article that clains cosmic rays come from the Sun you;ve found one of many dumbed down scientists,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1946597

Are you fucking kidding me? You have to be trolling. You do 5 mins of web searching and you can't even do that right. And you expect people to believe you? You have no credibility or knowledge or understanding of anything.

This web site is dedicated to these particles - cosmic rays, the fastest bits of matter known. Some cosmic rays are flung at us by the Sun, while others come from far beyond our Solar System.

[link to helios.gsfc.nasa.gov]

I bet you still use google too. I don't need to do searching because I have all this information already bookmarked and I actually understand it.

Nice you can't argue or debate or discuss the information so you go for character assassination and personal insults. You don't stray from your handbook do you? Not smart enough huh. Tell tale techniques of logical fallacies used and a very obvious example of dirty debate tricks because you understand nothing. You're only here to spread misinformation, confusion and distrust of NASA, scientific data and government.
 Quoting: Plasmare

This is from the website the heckler poster from the NASA website, Note that it claims the Sun produces cosmic rays during solar flare events and as cosmic rays energies are measured,, they have the low levels of energy:

Solar energetic particles (SEPs) are atoms that are associated with solar flares. SEPs are a type of cosmic ray. They move away from the Sun due to plasma heating, acceleration, and numerous other forces. Flares frequently inject large amounts of energetic nuclei into space, and the composition varies from flare to flare. The mechanisms involved in producing a solar flare can be better understood by studying the composition and charge of these particles. On the scale of cosmic radiation, SEPs have relatively low energies.

Back to cosmic rays

At one time cosmic rays were defined as extremely high energy particles emanating from outside the Heliosphere, in fact you will see numerous references to increases in cosmic rays when the heliosphere shrinks and weakens, because the heliosphere is what keeps them from entering our solar system. It is my opinion that solar energetic particles and cosmic rays are not the same thing and solar energetic particles should not be classified as cosmic radiation since they produce a much lower energy level and do not originate outside the solar system.
 Quoting: Anonymous astropysicist 1253995

And now you admit that I was right that the sun does produce cosmic rays? Thanks. Now admit you've been wrong about so much... Considering you just stated the sun doesn't even produce cosmic rays. I'm not sure what your deluded mind is doing here. You're just proving my points.
 Quoting: Plasmare

 Quoting: RTS REDUX

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