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Poster Handle BS Smeller
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I work (and think) for myself friend. Your paranoia deludes you. You really believe that the government is wasting money on diverting your "failed" theories. If so, then you are the megalomaniac you espouse to be.

As to you never lieing. Well bro, that's a LIE. No human on this planet has gone through life without telling at least one lie, innocent as it may be. Your failed predictions are LIES. Your false accusations against many who post here are LIES. Your numerous assertion of purported, yet purposely unsubstantiated facts are LIES. In fact AA, admit it, this entire damn thread is a fucking LIE.

But hey, its enterntaining, at times. You must be getting tired though, 'cause the energy and venom exhibited in posts of the past far exceed what you spew forth today. I hope your not ill, and I mean that sincerely.

Oh, have a nice day too.
 Quoting: BS Smeller

there is something very wrong about the way you post.
The words you use do not go together as if delivered from the same person.....

I see through you.....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35494711

...and what do you see? I am a single poster. I was merely responding to AA's claim (and implicit accusation against me) that he (or she) doesn't lie. But what may seem incongruous is that I try not to judge AA. He's entitled to his views. And just because I don't hold to AA's views does not mean I wish ill upon him. I have lurked this thread for a long time and my statement regarding AA's recent posts was my observation that he seems to have lost some of his previous vigor. Of course I could be wrong.
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