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Message Subject Important! Listen to this Interview! Don't be caught unaware!
Poster Handle thekingofcosmania
Post Content
Also, I am longer into the interview and I still don't like the host's personality any better. He strikes me as the type of guy who likes to hear himself speak.
 Quoting: thekingofcosmania

Don't JUDGE the messenger - we ALL HAVE OUR FLAWS.

I still have too much PRIDE that gets in the way all the time - every single night when I pray, one of the first things that I ask for is forgiveness of PRIDE - then I go into other sins I have committed.

If we don't ask for forgiveness then that leaves a gaping hole for the devil or his minions to sneak back in - especially PRIDE as that was the downfall of Satan, and if such a mighty - once loved angel - can fall from PRIDE, then i'm pretty sure that we humans, born into sin, can fall from the very same - and VERY easily.

Watch some of Kleck's videos and you get an idea of who he is - he is a very unique person. Honestly, I had my doubts about him at first, but you can always peer into the love and kindness of the hearts of God's chosen people:) Even if his message is incorrect, which would be Satan's attacks as he does to ALL our messages, Kleck is a very honest and caring person.

That was my last post for now, off to watch and listen.

Lots of love all!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4555704

If he gets on my nerves then he gets on my nerves. That can't be helped. Has nothing to do with judging him.
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