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Message Subject Breaking the chains of the past - facing & healing toxic conditioning & false belief systems
Poster Handle Pharista
Post Content
Woah, just had an image of the Internet growing exponentially combined with everyone's same Love/Feelings/Emotions as a type of jumpstart or switch that perhaps Internet is the Synchronicity we NEED? To allow us to concentrate good/positive energy/vibes/love/peace into the atmosphere where I picture it as getting someone on there feet or saving a life half way across the world. To try to send out energy/love/music could be enough to help others get informed and on a path that is overall better for them and the earth/universe/mind/health of everything including animals wether land or sea, high or low, far or wide.

Can picture seeing a domino effect with people awakening so to speak and finding out the truth. In there hearts they know what is right.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1312941

Thats a beautiful image AC, I love your train of thought/feeling. It is incredible to imagine how the internet would manifest if all the beings utilising it were operating from a place of authenticity and unconditional love hf
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