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Message Subject WOW - Illuminati imminent False Flag Exposed!
Poster Handle WeAreOne
Post Content
Thank you for sharing your information  :) . I know it can't be easy knowing what you know and trying to share it with the mass of individuals  that have different beliefs in what is good and what is evil. This world we live in ,is so full of individuals ( as well as evil spirits ) that have caused many  others to be so confused what truly is and what truly is  not, that the majorty of the individuals  are turning circles. In doing  so, they have dropped the shield that will protect them from evil. I'm just another human being , I'm not special in no why , shape or form however, I seem to have a greater faith then most do these days. Ever since I was excermly young I have always known that good and evil  are always  watching each and everyone of us . They are watching what we are doing every min of the day and yes even behind close doors.   Most people can't understand  or except what they can not  see with their own two eyes,  even though it's always surrounding them.  Bottom line my friend ,keep sharing what you know and always remember , men can only kill ones body, they cant kill ones soul :). May the good lord always be with you my friend :) 
 Quoting: gatewaytonorthernlights

Thank you very much with your kinds words.

I'm not afraid of dying but have made it clear to a number of people I have no intention of ending my life myself. I thought I would get that out there cool2

What I have given should help kick start many people and jump others by a number of notches.

please, please, verify this yourself. With the info I've given it is much much easier to connect a lot of dots.
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