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Message Subject WOW - Illuminati imminent False Flag Exposed!
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
Soo wait, what exactly is the false flag? Will it be a deceptive alien invasion? Ushering in the reign of the antichrist world leader? I'm not goin into any starship thats forsure. I'll be in the wilderness with my rosary.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8291021

No this is all about free will. If you FREELY go onto a spaceship or portal they have you.

I know it sounds far fetched but there is a buildup to this happening. I've suspected it for a while but this is the first time I've seen it confirmed by a poster here.

Both the words and imagery is a dead give away when you know what they actually are and mean.
 Quoting: WeAreOne

Also this isn't true, though I wouldn't push it or anything.

The reality is, if someone misdirects you or misinforms you and you end up making an innocent mistake, but are still a good person, things may not go quite as they would like. For your Family will also be there, and if your unconditional love, you may pass over, but your soul and frequency determine YOUR NEXT STEP. So you might be harmed, but they don't have your soul.

That is a frequency and magnetic allignment, along with consequence and alot of other things.

Your job would be to remind them that they really are light and love inside and can't be happy as Peter Pan's lost boys forever, and make those U-Turns and if they do, they will be assisted by the Family watching over, and to strive to maintain faith and love no matter what circumstances your in, because you want the highest frequency and praying to Goodness and asking for Angels and seeing yourself strongly protected.

People who are seeking to connect to their Source within and Christ or Christ Consciousness, or Spirit by whatever name we choose are overcoming Fear, and are not really afraid of being tricked. That would mean someone would be revealing to you that they need help and had lied about who they were, so you'd be making them your project to uplift them.
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