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Message Subject The Prayer Request Thread - Everyone is Welcome - We Will Pray For You!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Pray for my Grandmother, she just lost my Grandfather on the 5th. I hope she is strong enough to have many years of happiness left. I pray that she find meaning in her life although her husband is gone, that she find God's will for her life in the days and possibly years to come.

Pray for my Mother, that her path becomes clearer and she is can understand the will of God in her life and find happiness.

Pray for my stepfather, he is Alcoholic and gets very mean when he drinks. I know there is a better man inside, but he almost looks demonic when he has been drinking. Pray that he becomes less materialistic and more concerned with people instead of money. I pray that he can learn to relax and just trust in the future, instead of having fear of the unknown. I pray that he can learn to hear from God and love him and understand God's will for him.

Pray for me that I can also battle my own sins. I too am sometimes lazy, materalistic, greedy, selfish. I love nothing more than just to sleep sometimes, doing nothing for anyone. I don't feel very motivated at times to do anything. I blame others for this, thinking if I lived in a better environment and around better people, I could be a better person. I think I am surrounded and so I give in to sin as well. I need to be more forgiving of others instead of holding a grudge. We all have sinned, and mine are no better or worse. Just sin. I judge others at times or think myself better, but I have many selfish sins that I need to work on.
I want to be a better person and maybe I need to be the one to motivate others instead of relying on them to motivate me. But we all need to grow in faith and strength.
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