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Message Subject The Prayer Request Thread - Everyone is Welcome - We Will Pray For You!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I feel quite alone at the moment. I am moving to a new state to take a new job far away from friends and family. Unfortunately that is the easy part. I have encountered a bit of legal difficulty that has potential to create serious problems in my life and threaten my earning potential. This at a point where I felt I would be able to get myself closer to my Lord and begin earnest tithing that I have been lax with in the past. I have been slowly but surely evolving into someone who wants to truly understand the Word of God and I am afraid I could lose my will. Without going into detail I did not harm anyone, either directly or indirectly, I just made a stupid mistake. I fear that I will lose my opportunity to do something with my life that has the potential to have real meaning for me and to God. I hope somebody will pray for a resolution that will enable me to continue on a path that I hope will bring me closer to God and to understanding his purpose for me. Thank you and I pray will God Bless everyone on this thread.
 Quoting: Drew 10570563

Dear LORD,

Please help Drew at his point of need. Give him the wisdom and direction he needs right now as well as resolution to continue on the narrow path that leads to YOU. Let him receive the wisdom, revelation and knowledge of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Draw him closer and closer to YOU in complete submission and obedience.

I pray this in JESUS's NAME, amen.
 Quoting: AmazingGRACE

AMEN! Come Holy Spirit!

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