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Message Subject The Prayer Request Thread - Everyone is Welcome - We Will Pray For You!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Here is an episode of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural that I watched yesterday. His guest was a man named Steve Foss, it was really a good one, only 30 minutes long and well worth it.

They are speaking about the 2 most powerful evil spirits on earth, which are Insecurity and Inferiority and these 2 demons affect most people. They are subtle and crafty. Sid's guest was given a vision of these 2 spirits so he could see what he was fighting against.

Also, his testimony of how he got saved was great, a miracle, and several other fantastic points and accounts. One was about a young boy who was involved in a gang and was protected by a dozen warrior angels from God. Really great stuff.

Here is a link to the episode:

[link to www.sidroth.org]

Go to 18:45 and watch on from there if you just want to hear about the waring angels that come down through prayer to protect us.
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