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Message Subject The Prayer Request Thread - Everyone is Welcome - We Will Pray For You!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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God morning blwkss
I have a prayer request today, I live on a Indian Reservation and like most of them there is a lot of pain, sickness , we had our first meeting to try and start a revival of hearts, first by having a movie night , a concert ect to get people out of the buildings we call church and come together as one in Christ, every color and denomination , so our first attempt is in March, please pray that the theater is full and leaves, them hungry for more.

Also I had a dream, I need to share, there were all these teachers, partying doing their own thing and leaving the children unattended , so a few tried to keep them, then we tried reading to them , we were reading the same book but could never get on same page. Then I saw the walls of where the children were to sleep and they were only pieces of furniture , so the bad things of the outside could easy get in. Then a wolf very large and mean came and scouted out the walls, so I tried to shore up all the holes, but their were many, and some of the children did not listen and went outside.( Now I love wolves and remember thinking these are not the wolves I have seen) Then a large pack was coming down from the mountain and people and the children were running for their lives, but they were getting close. Then I woke, pray were make our walls stronger and protect our children better. God Blessangel3
 Quoting: PALback

I will be Praying for your request, I Pray that many go to the meetings you speak of and that there will be revival there, God Bless you. That dream you had is very important. We all need to be Praying for children everywhere as they are decieved from an early age these days, so many have no Spiritual direction in their lives and they all need it so badly.
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