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Message Subject The Prayer Request Thread - Everyone is Welcome - We Will Pray For You!
Poster Handle now what
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 Quoting: John3:16Me

you have been generous with your time john3:16me.in 2008 my family started recieving very amazing wake up call through my then 4 yrold son. to make it short his brother who was 22 at the time was trying to change friends realizing magic the gathering people were becoming "wierd mom". I had been suggesting being he was a christain he shouldnt be playing that for years.any way the main part of the story i wanted to tell you is... i was suggesting to my son to invent a new game,because of some storys i had been listening to on you tube (prophecy club lectures } I reakky didnt know where i was geting the idea i told him. before he got off the phone i said it was concerning the Giants and noahs flood. well i told the older brother i would look up the story of noah, but wasnt sure where it was inthe Bible. when i went to locate the 4yr old i found him writing in my study bible.this child had never been to pre school,no sunday school DID NOT KNOW HOW TO READ. iasked "what are you doing?" he said Jesus told me to. Ilook down at my bible and not even hearing what we had been talking about this child had circled the first paragraph of genisis 7. ever since then our family and anyone that will listen has been effected. during that time and just before it my son did alot of informing. anyway the reason i write this long thing is because we can return to the way it was. my significate other is on vacation from home,i am on a house keeping sabadical that has lasted yrs now. but God doent stop. well except those time i stp listening but it scary how he get our attention back. maybe all this looking into the future through even some prophecy is concidered soothsaying if we arent careful and it becomes an idol. maybe he wants us to rest some and give it to God. but we do know satan want us to shut up. i praye dand think these verses are for you. in this oder rev10:8-11 acts 2:41(add about 3000 souls) 1cor.12:12 (as the body has many members) heb.10:22 ( let us draw near with true faith) i hope you Family and you find the Rest in the father that you Need. IN JESUS NAME. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ENERGY .
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