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Message Subject Accredited, Acclaimed, & Renowned GEOTECTONICS PROFESSOR Says the STRANGE SOUNDS ARE REAL. Analyzed & Explained! Ha!
Poster Handle Aillas
Post Content
Some clarifictions for some who haven't mastered their skills of receptive reading and/or general knowledge.

On average, a human is able to hear sounds from 20 Hz to 20.000 Hz.

What are infrasonics (infrasound:The study of such sound waves is sometimes referred to as infrasonics, covering sounds beneath 20 Hz down to 0.001 Hz. This frequency range is utilized for monitoring earthquakes, charting rock and petroleum formations below the earth........

Summary: what can be heard is above 20Hz, what can not be heard below 20 Hz.

....They are low-frequency acoustic emissions in the range between 20 and 100 Hz modulated by ultra-low infrasonic waves from 0.1 to 15 Hz. .......
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