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Message Subject Accredited, Acclaimed, & Renowned GEOTECTONICS PROFESSOR Says the STRANGE SOUNDS ARE REAL. Analyzed & Explained! Ha!
Poster Handle Aillas
Post Content

Point being when you start crying "SHILL ,SHILL!!" everytime someone makes a reasonable and logical comment you lose a ton of credibility.

I have no problem contacting other scientists btw.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9919877

Hey go look back through the post you just quoted. Where did I use the word shill once in there?

Hey... like I said before. If you want it peer reviewed then get up off your ass, stop telling me how wrong I am, and go get the process started.
 Quoting: LUCUS

Hey look back at my post. Where did I once say you were wrong?

In previous posts you qualified those that question as "SHILLs". Hence you have that history .
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9919877

Listen I don't have time or patience to go tit for tat over something of utter uselessness.

How about this... how about I just say that you were right and I was wrong. That good enough for ya?

I just get kind of sick of people trying to tell ME to do something like "get the sound files"

If a person is so interested get up off your butt and do it yourself.

I never claimed to be perfect... I do like to scrap. Oh well... shoot me.
 Quoting: LUCUS

Dude no worries, you know the tactics by now, don't you?

Ahhh well..... once more....posting comments on what you want or how the OP is perceived does make one sound like a spoiled little brat with no contributing skills whatsoever.

In fact, a found a research article done by the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR for the Dutch government concerning low-frequency sounds. [link to www.sodm.nl] if interested. I'm still reading it though.

Contribute by finding these articles in your country of origin and give some usefull insight in the phenomenon.
P.S. If you think it's a hoax, say why you think so. After all; a hoax should be an existing phenomenon that can be discussed theoreticaly and even scientifically
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