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Message Subject Accredited, Acclaimed, & Renowned GEOTECTONICS PROFESSOR Says the STRANGE SOUNDS ARE REAL. Analyzed & Explained! Ha!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When the magnetic bonds break due to mass amounts of particles from the sun hitting the magnetosphere, it reverberates. Like it was stated, only part of the sound is audible to the human ear. It also stated that volcanoes, earthquakes, etc cannot produce such a sound wave. Many has described these sounds coming from the sky and yet no earthquake was recorded at the moment of the sound. It also makes sense why we are having this odd warm weather. At least where I am in Northern IL. The temp here has been very odd lately. All this makes sense that we are entering a period that we haven't experienced before. Every 25,000 years our sun oscillates through the galactic plane. On Dec 21 2012 we will have reached the middle of that plane. There is the most energy at the plane of our galaxy because of its spiral nature. This indeed will be an interesting next couple of years.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1601323

really, volcanos, quakes cannot produce a sound wave, even into the air? REALLY? Yes they can and do. Ask anyone who has heard such, because they are heard because the air carries the sound wave to the ear.

The odd warm weather has many causes, including the anger generated by man, increasing heat produced by cars and industry, plus the heating of the core of eath. Which galactic plane does our sun "oscillate" thru every almost 26,000 years? If you mean the Milky Way NO. If you mean the galaxy of the 500 stars of Pleiades, centered by Alcyone, then Yes. Which one?

We reached the "middle" of that plane, meaning the PHOTON BELT in 1992, when our sun entered it. In Oct 2006 we entered the Middle of the Plane of the Milky Way however. Why do you ones copy that December 21 date all the time for everything? It's supposed when we do a pole flip, when Nibiru comes and so on and so forth too.
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