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Message Subject Accredited, Acclaimed, & Renowned GEOTECTONICS PROFESSOR Says the STRANGE SOUNDS ARE REAL. Analyzed & Explained! Ha!
Poster Handle just a dude
Post Content
Ultra low frequency (ULF) acoustic waves, propagating in the ionosphere, may produce a decrease of the ionospheric density of the F-layer. In turn, decreasing the density of the ionospheric plasma results in the increase of the transparency of the ionosphere for cosmic radio waves.
[link to iopscience.iop.org]

We study the excitation of low-frequency (0.001Ė10 Hz) electromagnetic and density fluctuations in the ionosphere during the passage of seismic triggered acoustic waves (AWs). The study involves the generation of ionospheric currents by AWs and subsequent perturbations of the electromagnetic fields and ion and electron density.
[link to onlinelibrary.wiley.com]

Sound loops around the earth, just as solar filaments... bouncing off their ceilings

Fig 5 - [link to igpphome.ucsd.edu]

The lithosphere - ionosphere 'coupling':
[link to www.ursi.org]

And the sun blasts a drum with a membrane at 50-100 km:

The D region appears sun-synchronously and nearly disappears at night. During a radiative eruption from
the sunís surface, known as a solar flare, a sudden ionospheric disturbance (SID) can occur.
During coronal or solar mass ejections (CME/SME) a huge amount
of solar material is ejected from the sun which propagates through interplanetary space with frozen-in
magnetic fields forming magnetic clouds.

Mid-latitude spread-F is identified in ionograms by multiple and spread F layer traces. These are caused
by strong undulations and irregular plasma structuring in the F region electron density (Haldoupis et al.
2003). In the literature several generation mechanisms are described, ranging from the passage of large
scale atmospheric gravity waves, electrodynamic forces and large-scale plasma instabilities.

rethink big (traveling ionospheric disturbance (TID)):

Large-scale TIDs are characterised by horizontal wavelengths of up to a few
thousands kilometer and periods of about half an hour up to about 4 hours. They are connected with winds
propagating equatorwards at velocities of 50-200 m/s (180-720 km/h).
[link to www.dtic.mil]

etc etc

We're basically in the dielectric of the air shell.
The air is like a fractionating column, light stuff on top.
Reflection, transmission+refraction, absorption, emissivity, all play in as a function of altitude, latitude, composition, etc. That's all for the models and heady stuff.

The atmosphere thins and loses its bounce. Suddenly 'things' overhead or just over the horizon can be heard. Could be a quarry, could be the Glory.
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