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Message Subject Accredited, Acclaimed, & Renowned GEOTECTONICS PROFESSOR Says the STRANGE SOUNDS ARE REAL. Analyzed & Explained! Ha!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great thread Wayne!

What next???

Have you ever driven a metal stake into the ground and taken a metal file and start filing on it? We did as kids and it causes the earth worms to come out which we used for fishing.

Any reports of earthworms leaving the ground? Seems I did see a few awhile back. Related?

Then there are the bird and fish die offs. Related???
 Quoting: Grumpy Old Man (GOM) 4555299


No I never had to look for worms that way. I am an avid fisherman but I also grew up with a big garden. Whenever I needed worms I would just go out to the garden and turn over a couple shovel fulls and there were lots of worms.
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