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My dream thread is and hours of sleeping lately too<*((((--{

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United States
01/31/2012 09:19 AM
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My dream thread is and hours of sleeping lately too<*((((--{
Well there was a thread on here lately if people have been having sleep lot of hours and having vivid dreams. I am not one to dream alot and for the last week I have just wanted to sleep 10 or even 12 or more hours. But this is the weird part.

I go to bed about 9:00 am every morning after working 10 hour shifts here. I have started this dreaming every day now for a week. I drift into a long long dream and wake up after 2 hours exactly. The first one was a hell of a night mare as I am being forced to fly a plane. LOL ..I dont know the first thing about it. Then I had a dream where I was at my brothers old house and had something being hauled and it cost me 1700 bucks. I was in shock. Then Im driving a semi truck and have never drove one. I was in a city and I couldnt and never knew how to drive one.

Some dreams are so real and they continue every day now and am really wondering why Im have these so real dreams but one dream I figured out I was dreaming. LOL and there were these 2 old dudes in lime green suits that wanted me to get aboard this plane without any wings.WTF..they had grey hair and I just escaped off the dam wingless plane earlier and now they were saying lets go and were standing in front of me ..I was a little scared but just did a thoughtful moment I told myself this is not real and just jumped straight up and out of the dream...lol dam what a feeling and I got up and thought how cool I was to get the hell out of that crazy frikken nightmare.There just so real but now Im like there dreams and there alot about travelin someplace or fleeing from something bad.

Now I am wondering if today I will dream what a bus or helicopter..who knows. Yesterday I went to bed at 2 am and woke up 3:00 the next day and woke up for bathroom once.Too much sleep;


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