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Are those on medication really "abnormal" or just a different type of human being.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/31/2012 06:34 PM
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Are those on medication really "abnormal" or just a different type of human being.
We talk about ADHD, aspbergers etc. as "abnormal human conditions" but really these are just a different "type" of human being. Physically the same but mentally more advanced. Radically different in personality because they are radically differnt mentally, the majority of society just doesnt see it because the behaviour is deemed "odd or abnormal".

So what is "normal"??? Why do humans think we are so intelligent yet beleive that all must conform to a single bahavioral standard. Yeah there are some who are mentally "off " and should be on medication but not all should be thrown into this category! In reality many of these "special" individuals have made some of the greatest contributions to our civilization because of their advanced and alternate thought processes. Those with Adhd recognize it as a gift and can reason and process information faster than most of their peers which is why they continually move from one subject to the other. Aspergers are the out of the box thinkers and borderline genius in some cases. Society considers these dis-abilities since we as humans only beleive in a single human "condition/behavior". If you were never able to express your true personality and continually have to suppress it what do you think is going to happen? DEPRESSION!!

Got depression? Not to worry; pharmicutical companies welcome you with open arms and have something for everyone.