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Message Subject valerian root
Poster Handle Mycelium
Post Content
As an herbalist, I will tell you what I tell my clients: valerian can often help you fall asleep. If you don't have problems satying asleep once you get there, it is a great choice. Don't us tinctures ot capsules made from dried root, they can cause something called Valerianism after four or five consecutive days of use. Its awful. Crying and emotional disturbance of a pretty high order. They key to treating insomnia is using a sleep herb well-suited to what is causing your sleeplessness. Scullcap is good for wasteful physical energy, like restless leg syndrome, for instance. Don't use lobelia for sleep. I sometimes recommend it as a sedative before a colonoscopy or similar (like a valium) because it relaxes muscles. Taking enough to make you sleep could stim you Vagus nerve enough to make you puke. You don't want that. I recommend you get a tincture of fresh plant or root, if you want to try valerian. You could get a formula that includes kava, they work well to induce sleep and help you stay asleep.
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