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Follow Your Heart

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United States
02/01/2012 01:17 AM
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Follow Your Heart
Lately I've been considering options that are presented to me and seeing which option resonates with my heart center.. then going for it. Today was.. incredible.

I had a job interview at 8:00 this morning. Slept at 4 or 5 and didn't think much of it. Woke up this morning a little sluggish but was quickly full of energy. Walked outside to an absolutely beautiful day. Perfect temperature and the sky was amazing. Dark and light clouds.. sun shining.. it was nice. Went and had the interview.. all smooth.. got the job. Had two options.. go get drug test or go home and do it later. Drug test resonated.

It was a nice ride. Enjoyed some music. New song I hadn't heard.. was really feeling good. Got to the place and was in and out in 10 minutes. Had two options.. go to target to get shoes for new job or head home. Target resonated.

Another pleasant ride and I arrived at Target. I've got $2 to my name but I had a $25 gift card to target. I get to the mens shoe section and notice there isn't one pair of shoes that I can afford with the gift card. Alright.. headed out of the shoe section. Walking out I spotted a small shelf marked clearance. Right in front of my face is a pair of shoes perfect for the job and perfect size for $11. Wonderful.

I continue through the store as I now have some extra to spend trying to feel out where to go. I turn and look around and my heart is almost like a compass. It would resonate if I headed in the right direction. It brought me to an isle with a lot of things I couldn't afford, but there was a man there. I felt like I needed to talk to him. Didn't muster up the courage.. moved on.

Grabbed a couple things, checked out, still had some money left. There was a Starbucks in the store and I hadn't eaten so I stopped to get a coffee and blueberry scone. A woman was sitting there looking down and I felt just like I had with the man. She got up to walk out just about the time I was walking out. Still didn't approach her. Began heading to my car and thought.. I'm gonna do it.

I approached the woman and asked her "Hey, are you doing alright?" "I'm fine" she responded. "Are you sure?" I said.. "I'm alright.. I'm alright.." she stuttered. I assured her that I'm willing to listen if there was anything she wanted to talk about. She asked if I were a preacher.. laughed on the inside and said no. And she opened up.. she explained to me how she was about to have eye surgery and was having to walk everywhere. I offered her a ride to where she needed to be, but she said that was alright. I assured her that her surgery would be fine and all she has to do is stay positive. She cheered up and I went along. Awesome.

I had contemplated the previous day going to a park. Leaving the store I realized that I was right next to one. Heart resonated. Left the store and headed to the park.

It was really nice walking through the park. Gorgeous day. Ran into a really cute puppy and the boy playing with him was just as cute. Everyone walking and jogging and generally enjoying themselves. It was nice. As I was walking.. again my heart radar went off.

It lead me to a covered area with some benches. The benches were made into beds. A fire pit was there.. cans of vegetables.. drinks.. backpacks. People were using this as home. I thought.. I really want to help whoever stays here. Thought about my $2 but I left my wallet in the car. Oh well.. Sat inside and meditated for a moment. Did some energy work. Carved the word love on one of the benches. Headed off.

Heart radar buzzes in again. I look over and in the direction it is resonating I see two people working at a property. There was a big tree they had cut down and cut up and they were loading it into their truck. I thought.. what the hell am I supposed to do with this lol, well, whatever. Went over and asked if I could help. "We can't pay you" they said. "Thats ok.. I'm just here to help." I said. "Well, start loading."... so I did.

For 30-45 minutes I helped these guys load the tree they cut down into their trailer. Got to know them and really had some nice discussion. One of them was an ex-felon who had spent many years in jail and addicted to drugs. Clean for 15 years and turned his life around. They were really cool people. We finished up and as I was about to head he gave me $20 anyway. Sweet.

I was in such a blissful state at this point I just floated my way back to the park heading back to my vehicle. Passed the covered shelter without even realizing it. When it popped in my head that I had just passed it and again my heart radar went off.

Turned around and low and behold.. slouched over laying on exactly where I had carved the word love was a man. I instantly pulled the $20 out of my pocket and extended it to him as a greeted him. We had a warm hug as he said "god bless you.. god bless you man." And we begun to talk.

He told me how the other people staying there were treating him horribly yet he was still nice to them. He had just been put out of a home the day before. His health was in bad shape.. some kind of ulcers. As I expressed positiveness towards him it was clear that through all of it he was trying to stay as positive as he could. His soul was extremely bright and warm. Pretty soon we were talking about football.. laughing.. smiling.. it was wonderful.

As I got ready to leave he complained again of the pain he was experiencing due to ulcers. I asked him to lay back and relax.. he did with no hesitation. I worked on his aura and his condition. He got up and said he could feel the pain going away. It was time for me to go.. we hugged and exchanged goodbyes. Off again.

The rest of the day was just as synchronous. Came to many personal insights. It has been so accelerated for the past 4 days.

It's time to listen to our hearts. Work with your heart and learn to trust it. Ask yourself "How does this option feel?" Look for an excited kind of "this is right" feeling. When you find it.. flow. Allow yourself to be free. Experience it just as it comes.. freely.

Synchronicity is merely lining up with your intention. Experience is always synchronous. Line up with your intentions. Follow your heart.. You will love it.

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United States
02/01/2012 01:32 AM

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Re: Follow Your Heart
What a lovely day! And you paid it forward!

may you have more ....

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.
THE SECOND AGREEMENT: "Don't take anything personally. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering." ~ Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements
Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/11/2012 10:58 AM
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Re: Follow Your Heart
Swallow your fart