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Message Subject The Grand Illuminati Plan 101 - Performed by Madonna (Secret Decoded Messages Inside!)
Poster Handle Xerces
Post Content

Sorry love, you have lost me. I have been there. bought the hat, the teashirt and went on all the rides. Religion holds no truth for me. God does. and that god resides within me.

From what I can see in your post history, it looks like you follow new age belief. They believe that you are or can become your own God via meditation, opening your chakras, awakening your pineal, popping your kundalini, etc. If you jump back to page 6 you'll see my little write up how I went through the same thing.

What got me back into believing again was a video edit Uncle Mikey had posted of a pastor who touched on DNA. As we all know, DNA is scientific and apart of your body, therefore making it undeniable truth.

The fact that the Bible backs up all of this info makes it more interesting. It's as if God wrote it out to this generation so that we may understand and have proof. This all relates back to how ancient civilizations and especially the Masons, were aware of DNA before it was "discovered/re-discovered" 50 years ago. Hence their obsession with 23, 46, and two pillar symbols. It's all code. This is what these posts are all about...preparation for the third pillar.

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