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Message Subject I have 7,000.00 should I use it to buy gold or silver?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If the world went belly up those that control the food will be mafia strong, they won't want to mess around with pennies they will want to screw everyone they come across, there won't be any customer services, you would need to walk up to any place with food with weapon draw, loaded and ready to fire...

If the SHTF it will be a Max Max world...

Survival will be only for the fittest, I would not trade nickels when I could get gold for the same and I know that people would give it to me even if I was selling rat meat

I think America is very close to the meltdown, people really need to get real and think really hard about the reality of human greed and cruelty, I live in one of the safest places on Earth but many here really feel that good times are not going to be with us for long...
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And THAT is the very reason to have .999 copper bullion rounds! They are coins and a FRACTION of the cost of silver.

When you go to batter just offer the copper and say that is ALL that you have!

That is why I picked up a bunch of rolls of .999 copper coins.

Copper is cheap today but after TSHF the price will rocket straight up!

I got mine here, just scroll down to see the info:

[link to phoenixrisingradio.net]
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