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Message Subject I have 7,000.00 should I use it to buy gold or silver?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The problem with keeping supplies is unless you are underground in an impregnable fortress you will become a target, not only that the supplies you hoard today will only last a certain time...

The disaster that is coming will I believe last generations, you must learn how to barter and to collect bartar-able things as you live day to day, if you have to move quickly you won't be able to bring your food with you, you must learn how to oil your tongue, tone your muscles and be prepared to kill and steal to survive, if you have a family to protect you have to learn how to be 100 times crueler than the next man, not wait for someone to attack you but always be on the offensive...

Forget all the love thy neighbour stuff, it is more than likely that your neighbours will be the ones trying to get your hoard because they have seen you stashing it..
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